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Case Studies

Customer: Fortune 1000 manufacturer of surgical tables and accessories

Project: Manufacture high-reliability/strength, friction-controlled patient positioning clamp housings for a premier, high-volume product line

Challenges: Maintain key spherical profile and dimensional requirements throughout manufacturing and plating to prevent functional failures experienced with other vendors. Achieve ongoing cost reduction.

J. R. Higgins Associates has been the sole vendor with the capability to consistently meet the machining requirements of these products to achieve full design functionality. Since initially manufacturing these parts, we have helped the customer see a more than 50% cost reduction. 


Customer: High-Tech Prostheses Manufacturer 

Project: Critical mechanical components for active motion-assisting prosthetic joint 

Challenges: Customer was experiencing numerous difficulties obtaining acceptable machined parts from previously existing vendor base. Critical, new product components required consistent, intricate machining operations with demanding tolerance requirements and tight delivery windows. 

J. R. Higgins Associates worked hand-in-hand with the customer’s engineering staff to develop and implement manufacturing processes to consistently produce components meeting exacting requirements on time. This included fixturing design, machining processes, inspection methodologies, and documentation.   

We provided integral, cooperative support to scale the product into full production and to establish and maintain inventory requirements.


Customer: Mount Washington Observatory


Project: Design and Manufacture replacement Nipher Windshield Precipitation Collection Stand.

Challenges: Must perform outside in hostile, high altitude, mountaintop environment deemed the worst weather in the world.

Weather Observers at the Mount Washington Observatory on the highest point in the northeastern U.S. (6288') manually collect accumulated precipitation from an outside collection can every six hours, every day, 365 days a year. The collection can must be protected and secured against winds often reaching well over 100 mph and temperatures exceeding 30 degrees below zero. Freezing fog buildup (rime ice), wind, rain, ice, and snow can make the 4-times daily removal and replacement of the can a very difficult undertaking- especially with wind records exceeding 150 mph in all but two months of the year. (The record at the summit is 231 mph!)  

J. R. Higgins Associates designed and manufactured a more easy to operate, wind and weather-resistant, sturdy, and visible Precipitation Collection Stand to replace the existing deteriorated, decades old unit that was unlikely to last through another winter season. The all welded, stainless steel, high-visibility unit is performing well above expectations, (and well above treeline) in "The world's worst weather". 

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